Stained glass in partitions and niches


We manufacture Tiffany stained-glass windows in niches and partitions

Stained-glass windows in niches and partitions are very popular objects of modern interior. Using Tiffany's stained glass technique, you can turn almost any partition or niche into a decorative cabinet, a painting with backlight or just a picture. Beautiful stained glass partition between the kitchen and veranda will add to any room its charm and unique atmosphere. In niches, stained-glass windows can open like doors with a wardrobe, or simply be a source of light. Due to the fact that stained-glass windows greatly enrich the light passing through them from the light source. We manufacture and install any stained-glass windows in the niches and partitions in the premises. Artists will develop an individual sketch of the stained glass window according to your wishes. And the masters will make a high-quality and reliable stained glass window.

When ordering and buying from us

If you decide to buy a stained-glass window in a niche or partition, you will get a unique element of your home interior, and the banal spaces in the niches will turn into a wonderful picturesque image or a great source of lighting


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Partitions and recesses suitable for stained-glass windows:

  • Interior;

  • Sectionals;

  • Decorative;

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    ✧How to choose stained-glass windows in partitions and niches:

    In interior partitions, glass in stained-glass windows can be either transparent or opaque, depending on where these partitions are located.
    For example, it is not recommended to make a transparent stained glass window between the bathroom. Between the room and the veranda the transparent stained glass window fits perfectly, letting in the light and making the daylight more joyful and versatile.
    However, it is necessary first of all to take care of additional reinforcement of stained-glass windows to make them stronger. Because stained-glass windows can be accidentally exposed to external pressure. If you know these important points, you can confidently order stained-glass windows, aware that all these nuances will be taken into account.

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