Stained glass lamps


Sconses and Tiffany lamps - Art of lighting

We offer you lighting fixtures, sconces, floor lamps, pendant lamps in the Tiffany stained glass technique. Stained glass lamps are true luxury and beauty that will delight you every day. It's also the best gift you've ever given to a loved one. Such products, for example, in a strict and restrained drawing, will be a gift to both the boss, a friend, and just a good man.

We can manufacture stained glass lighting in combination with bronze cast furniture. Lamps can be either on the leg or pendant. Dome shaped and free-form as well.

And the most important thing is, if you buy lamps from us, you'll not buy a Chinese knickknack but really high quality and reliable element of stained glass decor - the Tiffany lamp.


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Types of lamps that you can order:

  • Table lamps;

  • Floor lamps;

  • Pendant lamps;

  • Sconses;

  • Chandeliers;

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