Stained glass for kitchen and furniture

Stainedglass for kitchen

Tiffany for kitchen

Any residential building and apartment has a kitchen and furniture.
Kitchen and home furniture should not only be functional, but also have an aesthetic component.

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Competently selected and manufactured stained-glass window adorns both indoor and kitchen furniture.
With the ability to refract light, stained glass windows hide or emphasize the contents of cabinets, cabinets, hanging kitchen cabinets.
Stained-glass windows can be installed in any furniture, of any design and performance.

Kitchen stained-glass windows are made from types of glass that are resistant to fumes, and lend themselves to easy washing and cleaning. Well, the stained glass drawing itself will emphasize the silhouettes of furniture or the texture of a tree.

We will make tiffany stained glass windows for you in any furniture, including kitchen furniture.

In the presence of a large selection of worked out sketches of stained-glass windows for any furniture

The client can buy a stained-glass window in the door according to our catalog or according to an individual sketch


Our stained-glass windows can be made and installed in furniture from any material and wood.

What furniture can be used to mount stained-glass windows:

  • Cabinets;

  • Pedestals;

  • Pencil cases;

  • Hangers;

  • Mezzanine;

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    How to choose stained glass for furniture and kitchen cabinets:

    When ordering tiffany stained-glass windows or classic stained-glass windows for your furniture, you should take into account that glass in stained-glass windows can be both transparent and non-transparent (frosted).
    Stained glass on transparent glass will give visibility to the contents of the cabinets both in the kitchen and in the general interior.
    But frosted glass will hide the contents of the cabinets.
    If the stained-glass window is in the kitchen, you should choose glass with a smooth texture. That will provide easy washing and cleaning of such stained-glass windows from grease, dirt, fumes.

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