Stained glass in the doors


Tiffany in door products

Doors are important and everyday objects of interior, whether it is an office or a residential building.
But not many people like simple doors. And then we realize we can't do without a stained glass.

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The right stained glass window in the door will only complete the appearance of your doors.
Tiffany stained-glass windows in the doors allow quite a lot of light to enter the rooms from the outside, but the light is refracted and enriched by the stained-glass window.
Such rooms always have a pleasant atmosphere and comfort.

Stained-glass windows can be installed in interior doors, sliding doors.
The only exception is the entrance doors to the house itself.

Also the drawing of the stained-glass windows of the Tiffany should please the eye. Especially if they are designed by artists and made by professionals in their field.
We'll make stained-glass windows in any door.

We have a large number of ready-made sketches

A customer can buy a stained-glass window in our catalogue or according to an individual sketch


Stained-glass windows are suitable for wooden, metal and other types of doors

In which doors can be installed stained glass:

  • Entrance doors;

  • Corridor doors;

  • Balcony doors;

  • Living room door;

  • Stair doors;

  • Kitchen doors;

  • Door cabinet doors;

  • Interior doors;

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    ✧How to choose stained glass at the door:

    If you decide to order stained-glass windows you can not limit yourself in the choice of types of glass.
    Exceptions are the doors to the bathrooms, where the presence of transparent glass is not appropriate. The glasses in the composition can be either transparent or opaque.
    For large door sizes, stained-glass windows must be reinforced.
    If you are ready to buy stained-glass windows from catalogues, it is necessary to recalculate the strength of the product for your door size. Then we can expect the integrity of the stained-glass window in the door for years to come. However, we recommend individual design of stained-glass windows according to the shape of the doors, their style and color.

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