Stained glass windows


Tiffany style stained glass windows

Stained glass windows - elegant and rich decoration for any home and room.
Glasses of transparent and translucent textures are mainly used.
Tiffany stained-glass windows allow you to avoid curtains in the room, because stained-glass windows refract light and the visible objects outside the window lose their clear contours.


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Tiffany stained-glass windows can be inserted into metal-plastic windows, wooden windows and aluminium window frames. They are mounted between two glass panes.
Sometimes the stained-glass window is installed from the outside of the glass unit facing the room.
In this case, it has a better appearance, as the texture is clearly visible
different glasses of the drawing, and there is a possibility to feel the charm of the glass to the touch.

Tiffany stained-glass windows in the windows are not subject to burnout over time, unlike cheap budget analogues, and can stand for centuries. And if the drawing and design of a stained glass window has an artistic value, then it increases the value of the real estate itself.

Stained-glass windows can be installed either in arch windows or in any other type.

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Our stained-glass window shop can make to order and mount stained-glass in every window, and not only. We can buy stained glass for any configuration.

Variants of windows for which you can make and insert stained-glass windows:

  • Classic wooden;

  • Metal-plastic;

  • Eurobar windows;

  • Aluminum;

  • Mansard;

  • Kitchen;

  • Swivel;

  • Folding;

  • With sliding sash;

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    ✧How to choose a stained glass window:

    When choosing stained glass windows you should definitely follow a few important rules.

    A window is an element of the interior that not only lets light into the room, but must also keep warm in the house. For this purpose, stained-glass windows are mounted in the middle of the window glazing, or mounted on a double-glazed window, facing into the room.

    It is important to maintain a reliable tightness of such a window - it provides a competent calculation and installation.

    If the window is located indoors and plays the role of a kind of partition wall when separating the room, the glass unit is not needed.

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