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Stained glassware for ceilings

Stained glass ceilings have become very popular recently.
These ceilings allow sufficient light to pass through, although this is more of a decorative, but at the same time self-contained way of lighting.
The stained glass ceiling creates warm and muted light.
It's a great choice for any room. Such a ceiling looks especially spectacular in a large dining room, casino, lobby, presentation room and hall. But even in the bedroom such a stained glass window will be indispensable and can play the role of a wonderful night lamp.


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In such cases, often choose a quiet color scheme of stained glass combined with dim lamps, inside the box with stained glass.
The stained-glass ceiling is a structure of a suspended box or frame screwed directly to the ceiling or inside the gypsum plasterboard structure.
Inside is the stained-glass window lighting. The light of illumination gives the chance to open textures and colours of stained-glass window. Usually fluorescent lamps are used for it. Led backlights are more frequently used in recent years due to their efficiency and durability. Ceiling stained-glass windows can be in different styles of drawing, such as classic, baroque, art nouveau.
Choosing a stained-glass window in the ceiling should be studied the possibility of its installation, as well as to choose the original drawing developed by the artist.

Competently selected stained-glass window

We offer a comprehensive range of stained-glass window production services, and our specialists will be happy to advise you on how to choose and install a stained-glass window. Buying a stained-glass window on the ceiling is a great solution for your interior.


In which ceilings can be inserted stained glass:

  • Dropped ceilings;

  • Plasterboard ceiling;

  • Rack ceilings;

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    ✧How to choose stained glass ceiling:

    Let's say you decided to buy a stained glass window, then it is necessary to take into account that basically all stained glass ceilings have illumination, and, accordingly, behind a stained glass window there are technical designs.
    Therefore, you should choose a stained glass window based on opaque types of glass.
    Also take into account the strength of the load-bearing structure of the stained-glass ceiling. An illiterate design may cause the stained glass ceiling to sag after a certain period of time.

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